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THE (B:R)EACHED is a Wretched & Alone game of divine horror. Specifically, playing as one. You are offspring, offshoots, fallen branches of a dead god that took a tumble into our world. You ruled over this place as gods in your own right, in your time. The people brought you offerings to try to garner your favor. Now, all of those who served you are gone. In addition, the Presence from which you drew your power, the tree that your branch fell from, has disappeared back to the world from whence it came. 

TIME is a problem for you. Much like the fleshy little beings who inhabit this world you have found yourself in, you feel it wearing you down. Your power is not as vast and unknowable as it once was. It is fading, and fast.

You know that there is a way out. The Presence is gone, after all. It vanished suddenly: not the slow rot of TIME, but swift liberation and rescue. It was REACHED, pulled back, pulled HOME.

What will you do with the TIME you have left? Will you try to restore your old Empires, to cast your shadow on this land once more? Or will you pray in desperation, hoping that you too can be REACHED?


THE (B:R)EACHED, unlike many of its fellow W&A games, is intended for several players, around 2-3. At first, it is a co-operative game, with the players working together to ensure that they can be REACHED and return home. Once it becomes clear that only one of them can, however, everything changes. Will you decide among yourselves who will win? Or will you fight to the bitter end for your chance to return?


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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