v0.2: A Bit of Responsibility

Hi everyone. I was going to hold off a bit on updating this game due to other obligations, but something came up that made it painfully clear to me that some changes were going to have to be made. 

Jammi and Chris have highlighted that, for the sake of the player's safety, everyone deserves to know exactly what is going on with the game's central premise before you go into it. Chris admits fault here in his assembly of the SRD, and I admit fault in my following of it without taking into consideration what it actually meant. To that end, I can only apologize, and take some personal responsibility in moving forward here.

The game is now very up-front about the fact that it lies to you, that a mechanic is turned on its head as you approach the end-game, that it it becomes competitive rather than cooperative. The descriptive text on the page will be updated to show this as well. 

Thank you for your time, and your patience.


The (B-R)eached v0.2.pdf 106 kB
May 29, 2020

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Glad to see such a rapid response from some of the folks who've made games with the SRD. Chris and I are already working on a solution and I'll be pushing out an update to the SRD when we can. Although we're keen to do it soon, we also want to get it right.


Very glad to know that y'all are working on it. When something like this becomes apparent, I see it as all our responsibility to do better. I'm just doing my part.