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Thirty years ago, thanks to the heroic efforts of a few brave heroes, magic was returned to the world. While it had previously been left in the care of a few, isolated clans, the power of magic now flowed as freely through the world as water through a river. The peoples of the world, invigorated by the new power available at their fingertips, have gotten to work. Small villages have grown into powerful city-states; trade kingdoms into empires. Great works rivaling those of the ancients spring up in matters of weeks and months.

With new power, however, comes new threats. Not all of those empires and city-states have everyone’s best interests in mind; some would rather seize all the power for themselves. As such, it is time for a new generation of heroes to rise to the task, and rid the world of peril once more!

Four Elements' Light is my loveletter to classic JRPG Golden Sun, seeking to emulate its brand of storytelling and gameplay to the tabletop. It is powered by an engine inspired by the only good edition of the world's largest roleplaying game, giving many options for tactical, grid-based combat while still emulating more old-school JRPGs. 

The game includes:

  • A robust grid-based system for focused tactical combat
  • Four archetypes and power sources, allowing you to customize your playstyle to your liking
  • Spirits and summons that can change and empower your character on the fly
  • Mission-based advancement systems that reward personal goals and milestones
  • Solid exploration mechanics that reward players for seeing everything there is to see
  • A starting adventure to show off what kind of stories the game can tell
  • A catalogue of monsters for our heroes to overcome

What is yet to come?

  • Support for more high-level structured play. The game has everything that's needed to play through the starting adventure, and shows by example how to go from there, but it will require additional content before continued play is properly supported.
  • Layout. Right now, the PDF is a somewhat prettily laid out Google document, which while it is functional for showing off the game, it's not the best that it can be. Future versions of the game will be ported to some more proper layout software where we can get a cleaner version.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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