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Hi everyone! With the times being what they are, I've tried to look for some way that I'm comfortable with where I can share my games and for y'all to show your support. I don't feel like I can update something like a Patreon regularly enough, and I don't really have the setup to stream enough to warrant any kind of subscription program there.

So, I've decided to set this up instead. The Umbra Haul, or just the Haul for short, is a collection of games and supplemental material in various states of completion that I've put together over the years. Some of them, like <Bureau/Nest> and The Brigade, exist in a released form here on Itch. The versions of those games that exists here will be released there eventually, once I have the time and energy. Other games have either been released in limited forms elsewhere, or have their digital premiere here. 

If you see anything in there that you think is particularly interesting and that you'd like me to focus my attention on, let me know! 

Currently, the Haul includes:
8 Games

  • <Bureau/Nest>, a game of secret government agents battling a supernatural threats. 
    Content warnings: State violence, depictions of alien life
  • The Brigade, a superhero game about fighting an alien virus. 
    Content warnings: 
    State violence, othering
  • Braving the Crypts, a climatepunk dungeoncrawler about fighting for a better future. 
    Content warnings: 
    Climate change
  • Ghosts of Praerie, an ethereal western about settling your debts before you move on. 
    Content warnings: Depictions of death, Christian allegory
  • The (B:R)eached, a Wretched & Alone game of cosmic horror.
    Content warnings: Unsettling depictions
  • Spectre of Cain, a Wretched & Alone game chronicling the story of a vampire throughout history.
  • Northweird, a supernatural investigation game about teens in strange situations. 
    Content warnings: sex, drugs
  • Death is Not The End, a high-concept fantasy game in a world where death has ceased to be.

4 Settings for Games

  • A Thousand Burning Stars, a symphonic power metal sci-fi setting for Burning Wheel inspired by Norse mythology
  • Blades of the Wild Blue Yonder, an adaption of Lady Blackbird's setting for Blades in the Dark, both by John Harper
  • Branded Wheel, a western adaption of Burning Wheel inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower
  • Fire of a Thousand Suns, a post-human sci-fi adaption for Burning Wheel

1 Supplement for a Game

  • The Valentine, an Apocalypse World playbook about investigation and mystery


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