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Picture, if you will, a ringed planet. Saturn, if you like, or another place quite like it. In the gathered dust, ice and rocks that make up the magnificent structure, a hero leaps from one spaceship to another. Her form is lightning and grace, striking the side of the vessel with enough force to pierce through its outer hull. An axe in one hand and an automatic rifle in the other, she is on the hunt for her arch-nemesis, a witch-king from the hell-planet Abaddon. 

The inside of the ship is dim and greasy, with mold growing in the corners of lamp-lit corridors. It hauls herbs and minerals from one planet to another, on behalf of some distant merchant-lord. Most of the crew is in deep sleep, awakened only when disaster strikes. One among them, however, is an agent of the witch-king in a clever disguise. He must be uncovered, and his secrets must be learned. 

This is Supernova Daydreams, a game of power metal science fiction, of heroes and villains on quests greater than life itself. Space-wizards wielding shining swords, sorcerer-kings summoning demon armies, living planets worshipped as gods, mystics in the desert giving visions of possible futures. It is a game of heroes, and the stories we tell of heroes, and the worlds in which those stories take place.


Supernova Daydreams is an active development, and is therefore offered a discounted price. Purchases of the game go toward continued development and layout as well as the commissioning of art for the game.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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