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The Despair has come to our lands. 

It came swiftly - not a slow, encroaching darkness, but a grasp of a hand, a swing of a blade, a singular bullet from a singular pistol. 

It has left chaos in its wake. Up is down. Forward is backward. Death is a memory. Yesterday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is no more. 

Even now, in our dreadful hour, there is hope. 

The Child, whose misfortunes and suffering birthed the Despair in a flicker of unbridled agony, can still be saved

Revenant is a hack of T-DEF, Lari Assmuth's excellent XCOM-based RPG, adopted to a setting that takes great inspiration from tactical combat game Othercide. 

It has been an afternoon's burst of aesthetics and inspiration. I hope some of you find it interesting.

UPDATE: REVENANT now has an expansion! REVERIE delves into the moments between missions, formalizing how to introduce new revenants into the fold and forming bonds between existing revenants. 

With the release of REVERIE comes an update to REVENANT itself, which introduces a few new Embraces and tags, as well as a number of changes throughout the book. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Sorry if this is an ignorant question but I can't tell from the rules; does this game have a GM? and does it have a minimum or a maximum number of suggested players?


Hi! Don’t worry, no such thing as an ignorant question here. I could definitely be clearer with regards to these things. The intent is for no GM and 2-4 players. You could probably stretch that a bit in practice, but that’s what I think would be good, at least. It would be possible to have a GM, I think, though I’m not sure if they’d have too much to do. 

Thanks very much!

A tight tactics RPG that's just dripping with theme.