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That’s how we started out, at least. We were the first to master the art of communing with the dead, before the Gates of Death were broken down and cast us into darkness. Ghosts are more commonplace these days, and that first power of ours is not as special as it once was. In time, however, we have become so, so much more.

Deathspeakers are a crew type for Blades in the Dark, a roleplaying game by John Harper. They deal in matters pertaining to the ghost-field - as well as beyond it, to the Near Shadow, the pulsating Heartwinds and the looming Oblivion Citadel, ever present on the horizon. Your adventures will take you far from home, scoundrel, but fear not; great treasures await those who cross into the realm of the dead.

Deathspeakers is not a stand-alone game; it requires Blades in the Dark to play.


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