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If there's one thing I really enjoy about this game's rules, it's the core elements of character creation and conflict resolution (particularly if you're choosing to build your character through random rolls on the table). I can easily see how some fun superheroes can be generated and be ready for adventure (for example, a high school recruited superhero who misses his family and can "ignore time???"). There is also an underlying system of either working with or against The Brigade, and depending on your initial stats and the situation at hand, what you actually want to roll can flip dramatically. 

The one issue I see is that while the enemies you face, THE VORN, are thematically appropriate for what the game is going for, they are not traditional super villains with obvious powers that match the players', so unless you tweak the mood of the game slightly you may not be able to find clever situations for superpowers to be used, or worse, have your players figure out what the game's themes are going for way too early. 

Still, it's a unique system and one worth experimenting with.


Glad you find it interesting! 

I did run into some issues when trying to make the VORN more obviously dangerous while also staying true to the themes of the game. I have some ideas for how to make it more explicit, but I think I’ll have to let them percolate for a little bit. Might have an update in a week or so.


It's a tricky tightrope to walk, I'm sure, though I'm positive you can find some solutions. Maybe play up how those INSIDIOUS VORN can infect even our proud Brigade members, and that finding and "curing" supers who've been infected is TOP priority.